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Golf Walk and Ride Trolley

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golf push cart endorsement 1 Mr. Delzio's "Walk and Ride Trolley" is easy to navigate. That I can 'ride' without a cart is appealing to me, especially when there's a distance between holes. Mr. Delzio designed the 'Walk and Ride Trolley' himself. He hand makes each one in his Florida workshop. Truly a unique design that turns heads on the golf course.
          - Chris D.
            Lady Lake, FL

golf push cart endorsement 3 It is very easy to operate both walking and riding. Riding boards fold up easily when deciding to walk along and fold down the same when choosing to ride. Assembly and take down is simple when stowing in a vehicle. This system beats having to rent a golf cart.
          - Donald P.
            San Diego, CA

golf push cart endorsement 4 It {Walk Trolley} performs excellently. I like the sleek frame design. Within a couple months of golfing with this electric golf trolley, two fellow golfers made the same purchase.
          - Steve W.
            San Diego, CA

golf push cart endorsement 5 Tried it {Walk Trolley} on the golf course and works as described. Plenty of power and sturdy.
          - Eddie S.
            Raritan, NJ


What is the maximum rider weight for the electric golf trolley?
Maximum rider weight 265 lbs.

Why should I prefer the Golf Walk and Ride Electric Trolley to a Golf Skateboard or Golf Scooter?
- Less costly.
- Lighter weight.
- Collapsible.
- Easily transportable.
- Can Ride AND Walk.
- Safe max speed settings:
     Max at 7, 10, or 12mph.
- Can Walk alongside greens:

- Lift riding platform upright and
    walk golf trolley by greens.

- Golf Skateboard and Scooter
      speed excessive.
- Golf Skateboard and Scooter
     are Ride Only Power Vehicles.
     Golf Course can impose
     daily use fees,
     annual fees, and
     liability insurance fees.

How long will the battery provide power before recharging?
For optimal battery life, the battery should be recharged after each round of golf. However, although not recommended, the battery can be used for two rounds of golf without recharging. Charge Time: 2 to 5 hours after 18 holes, and 6 to 8 hours if fully depleted.

How do you turn the electric golf trolley left and right?
While moving forward, pull the trolley handle toward you slightly to lift the front end single wheel. Turn the front end in desired direction, left or right. Then, set the front end back down and proceed.
Wide gradual turns can be made while riding the Walk and Ride Golf Trolley.

What kind of brakes on the electric golf trolley?
The custom dual drive controllers produce an excellent braking system: Regenerative Braking. The regen braking brings the golf trolley to a stop within ten feet after releasing the throttle.

What accessories are available?
Accessories available for the electric golf trolley are included in the price: Cup/Thermos Holder and Umbrella Holder.

What are the weights of the parts when disassembled?
The golf trolley can be assembled and disassembled with as few as Two Connections, Three Parts weighing 5, 12, and 47 lbs.
Or Four Parts weighing: 5, 12, 19, & 28 lbs.

How to redirect the golf trolley when parked with platform down and power off?
Occasionally, the golf trolley will be parked alongside a green with platform down while you are busy sinking putts. When you return to the golf trolley, you might want to redirect it as much as 180 degrees. To do so, simply lift the platform with your foot while turning the golf trolley by the handle.

What is the warranty on the electric golf trolleys?
Warranty: One year warranty on all components. Repair or replace.

What is the return policy for the golf trolleys?
Our expectation is your full satisfaction with our golf trolleys. Regardless, the golf trolley can be returned for full refund within 10 days of full delivery to buyer.

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